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The WePropagate website design and development is a pivotal milestone in our journey as an independent creative agency. This strategic initiative aimed to redefine WePropagate’s online presence, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence. As the driving force behind this project, our goal was to create a digital platform that showcased our work and services and captured the essence of our brand.

Our approach goes beyond the digital realm; it encapsulates our ability to craft exceptional projects seamlessly. The core of our strategy is rooted in fostering a healthy work-life balance for our team, a crucial aspect that resonates with our dedication to high client satisfaction. It’s not just a “secret sauce” – we proudly prioritize both exceptional project outcomes and the well-being of our team members.

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Project Scope

The WePropagate WordPress Design and Development project involved a comprehensive overhaul of our website, focusing on user experience, visual appeal, and the effective communication of our brand identity. With an emphasis on innovation, the project aimed to align our online presence with our agency’s core values and showcase the breadth of our creative capabilities.

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Key Features
  • Strategic Design:
    • Led a strategic website redesign that harmonized with our brand identity and values.
    • Ensured a seamless user experience, promoting engagement and exploration.
  • Content Optimization:
    • Implemented compelling and informative content that effectively communicated our agency’s story.
  • Visual Appeal:
    • Collaborated on visual elements to create a visually stunning representation of our work.
    • Implemented a cohesive design that reflected the creativity and professionalism of WePropagate.
  • WordPress Development:
    • Leveraged WordPress and Sage 9 to create a dynamic and responsive website.
    • Implemented features and functionalities that showcased our diverse portfolio.
  • DevOps Integration:
    • Established a robust DevOps pipeline using Git and Bitbucket Pipelines.
    • Streamlined code distribution across different environments for efficient development.
  • Team Coordination:
    • Facilitated seamless collaboration among team members to align with the project’s vision.
  • Resource Management:
    • Managed resources effectively to meet project requirements without compromising quality.
  • Adaptability to Evolving Requirements:
    • Navigated through evolving project requirements, ensuring continuity in our agency’s journey.
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WordPress + Sage 9

In executing this WordPress project, I utilized the Sage 9.0.0 WordPress starter theme from Roots.io. This choice allowed for a streamlined and efficient development process, harnessing the power of modern web development practices. Sage provided a solid foundation, enabling the implementation of best practices in theme development, modular CSS with Sass, and a robust build process. The result was a highly optimized website, ensuring optimal performance, responsiveness, and user experience.


The DevOps infrastructure played a pivotal role in managing the project’s codebase and facilitating a seamless deployment workflow. Leveraging Git for version control and Bitbucket Pipelines for continuous integration, I established a robust DevOps pipeline. This pipeline automated the distribution of the codebase across WP Engine’s development, staging, and production environments.

The utilization of Git allowed for efficient collaboration among team members, ensuring version control integrity. Bitbucket Pipelines, integrated into the Git repository, automated the testing and deployment processes. This not only enhanced code quality but also expedited the delivery pipeline, ensuring that updates were smoothly propagated through each stage of development.

This DevOps setup not only contributed to the overall efficiency of the development process but also provided a structured and reliable framework for maintaining the integrity of the WePropagate project across its various environments.

Alberto Roig | Entrepreneur, Developer, Creative
Project Success

The WePropagate WordPress Development project stands as a testament to our commitment to strategic planning, collaborative execution, and innovative solutions. In my role as co-founder and web developer, I led the team to achieve a redesign that not only met our objectives but also surpassed them. The strategic realignment of our online presence is a reflection of our agency’s dedication to delivering high-quality work in alignment with our core values.

The redesigned website ensures a seamless user experience, emphasizing user engagement and facilitating exploration. Through meticulous content optimization, we effectively communicate the narrative of WePropagate while enhancing our visibility in the digital landscape. The visual appeal, a result of collaborative efforts, serves as a representation of the creativity and professionalism ingrained in WePropagate. Utilizing WordPress as our foundation, the website now stands as a dynamic and responsive platform, effectively showcasing the diversity of our portfolio.

This project’s success extends beyond the digital realm and encompasses our adaptability, efficient resource management, and coordinated team efforts. Navigating evolving requirements, we have successfully transformed challenges into opportunities, ensuring the sustained growth and success of WePropagate in the dynamic landscape of the creative industry.