Accelerated Digital Media Alberto Roig November 16, 2023
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Accelerated Digital Media

Accelerated Digital Media, a cutting-edge player in the digital advertising space, partnered with WePropagate to elevate its online presence. As a dynamic company committed to pushing the boundaries of digital media innovation, Accelerated Digital Media sought a strategic approach to showcase its expertise and engage its target audience.

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Project Scope

In the role of Project Lead for Accelerated Digital Media, the objective was to optimize the company’s website, orchestrate a complete brand refresh, and create new collateral. This comprehensive approach aligned the visual identity with the company’s innovative spirit. The project involved meticulous strategy, ensuring the website, brand, and collateral align seamlessly with Accelerated Digital Media’s brand and business objectives. This encompassed a deep understanding of the target audience, solving challenges throughout their digital journey. 

Accelerated Digital Media Logo
Accelerated Digital Media Logo
Accelerated Digital Media Logo
Accelerated Digital Media Logo

The website had two primary goals: firstly, to attract new clients by showcasing Accelerated Digital Media’s digital advertising prowess, and secondly, to serve as a talent magnet, engaging potential recruits through an immersive digital experience. This dual focus aimed to elevate the company’s market presence and position it as an appealing destination for top-tier talent in the digital media industry.

As the Technical Lead, it was my job to establish the technical requirements of the website build based on our processes and tools. Sage v9.0.0 provided a solid foundation to build this project, enabling the implementation of best practices in theme development, modular CSS with SASS/SCSS, and a robust and optimized build process.

Using Git allowed for efficient collaboration among team members, ensuring version control integrity. Leveraging Git and Bitbucket Pipelines for continuous integration, I implemented a robust DevOps pipeline that automated the distribution of the codebase across WP Engine’s development, staging, and production environments.

Accelerated Digital Media Website Design
Accelerated Digital Media Website Design
Key Features
  • Comprehensive Brand Refresh:
    • Coordinated a complete brand refresh to reflect Accelerated Digital Media’s innovative edge, ensuring visual elements resonate with the company’s cutting-edge position in digital advertising.
  • Immersive User Experience Design:
    • Spearheaded an innovative design direction that captivates visitors, providing an immersive user experience reflective of Accelerated Digital Media’s commitment to digital innovation.
  • Technical Execution Oversight:
    • Ensured the technical execution of the website showcased Accelerated Digital Media’s advanced capabilities, providing a glimpse into their digital advertising solutions.
  • SEO Strategy Implementation:
    • Orchestrated implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy, enhancing Accelerated Digital Media’s visibility and relevance in the competitive digital advertising landscape.
  • Aligning Innovation with Industry Standards:
    • Navigated the challenge of infusing digital innovation into the website design while adhering to industry standards and meeting user expectations.
  • Content Alignment with SEO Objectives:
    • Ensured that the engaging content aligned seamlessly with SEO objectives, contributing to Accelerated Digital Media’s visibility in digital advertising-related searches.
  • Collaborative Team Coordination:
    • Coordinated a diverse team, leveraging each member’s unique skills to achieve a cohesive and high-performing digital platform.
Accelerated Digital Media Instagram Profile Design
Accelerated Digital Media LinkedIn Profile Design
Accelerated Digital Media Presentation
Accelerated Digital Media Collateral Design
The Final Verdict

The collaboration resulted in a refined digital presence for Accelerated Digital Media, effectively communicating the company’s expertise and forward-thinking approach to digital advertising. The redesigned website, characterized by an immersive user experience, carefully curated content, and seamless technical execution, positioned Accelerated Digital Media as a credible and competitive player in the industry. This online platform successfully attracted new clients seeking a showcase of digital advertising prowess while simultaneously serving as a valuable recruitment tool, engaging top-tier talent through its dynamic digital experience.

The success of the project extended beyond the digital realm, positively impacting Accelerated Digital Media’s overall brand identity. The comprehensive brand refresh and strategic SEO implementation contributed to increased visibility and relevance. Addressing challenges such as aligning innovation with industry standards and optimizing content demonstrated an ability to navigate complexities and capitalize on opportunities. This collaborative effort underscores WePropagate’s commitment to delivering effective solutions and contributing to our client’s growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.